Heroes on the Horicon

What better way to give back to veterans than through the land they served to protect? That’s the idea that Chuck Dodge & Ryan Voy had seven years ago.

The duo took their passion for hunting on Wisconsin’s Horicon Marsh to create an annual event that reconnects veterans not only with each other, but with an unforgettable experience. From sunrise to sunset on the marsh, the weekend is filled with the grumbling of mud boat engines, bird dogs barking and laughter around the campfire.

Honoring our veterans – that’s You.Powered.

  • Thomas.Powered.

    Drive by Mowings:

    Thomas’ neighbors often come home to a freshly cut lawn when they least expect it. Thomas has dubbed his work “Drive-by mowings,” and it’s his way of helping others. For some of his elderly or disabled neighbors he mows weekly to ensure they don’t have to worry about it. He doesn’t want anything in return. In fact, he tries to finish the jobs before anybody can catch him and offer money. He does it only to help – and because he can. That’s what You.Powered. is all about.

  • Shane.Powered.

    Power it Forward:

    It’s been said that one good turn deserves another. Shane’s You.Powered. story embodies this philosophy. Shane services the mowers and trimmer that an older gentleman uses to mow local church properties and clear local trails. For eight years this gentleman has maintained these properties as a service to the community and to ensure local kids have a place to play ball and enjoy the trails. Understanding the service this man provides to the community, Shane has never charged him a penny to keep his equipment in top shape. That’s You.Powered. squared.